Как открыть бюро переводов с нотариальным заверением

Как открыть бюро переводов с нотариальным заверением

23 May, 2019

A person who has a linguistic education sometimes does not just apply his knowledge, while earning money. A large number of organizations are engaged in translating texts, so the competition is too great for a small company. But you can apply your knowledge of a foreign language by opening a translation agency with notarization. Such bureaus are quite in demand because they provide a range of services needed by the consumer.

What does a translation agency with notarization do?
Suppose you need a notarized document written in English, translated into Russian so that it remains notarized. Although the original source in English was legally authenticated, a document with the same content, in Russian, will already be just a text that does not have any force. To he again became a notarized, you need to contact a lawyer. Those. To accomplish your goal, you need to look at two specialists who may be located in different parts of the city, which will take some time. To simplify such operations, translation bureaus with notarization are created.

How to open a translation agency with notarization? What does that require?
To open a translation agency, it is necessary to register as an individual entrepreneur, which today can be done even by mail, having a passport, several completed papers and a paid state fee. After registration, it would not hurt to find a room where your organization will work (not to take customers on the street). A small office of 20-30 square meters, located somewhere in a busy place, is suitable for this. You will also need to buy a computer, printer, stationery, i.e. everything without which you can not work. For the time when you will be looking for an office, it would not hurt to find employees: a translator and a lawyer. You should not choose people without work experience, because you will immediately need good results to get a decent reputation. First, it will be hard to pull two workers, but when things get better, it will be possible to expand the staff and rent an office a little more. But there is an opportunity to buy a translation agency. On our website you have a great opportunity to buy a ready-made business to open your notary translation bureau and from the very first day you will be able to receive regular applications for the translation of texts and documents.

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